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Yutraffic (global brand known as “Yunex Traffic”) develops innovative mobility ecosystems and services for the smart city making mobility safer, more efficient, and more sustainable with forward-looking infrastructure and transport solutions.

Yutraffic (global brand known as “Yunex Traffic”) is at the forefront of revolutionizing transportation systems by enabling transport authorities and mobility operators in Hong Kong and Macau to embrace intelligent road network and traffic management solutions. With a rich history and expertise in the transportation sector, coupled with cutting-edge technology know-how and a comprehensive global portfolio, Yutraffic is dedicated to developing smart and sustainable mobility solutions that enhance infrastructure availability, optimize throughput, and ultimately improve the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Smart Junction

Utilizing a range of sensor and analytic technologies, the system collects 24/7 real-time traffic flow data at intersections, enabling automatic adjustment of the optimal green time. This results in reduced waiting times for both motorists and pedestrians.


As the exclusive agent of RTB in Hong Kong and Macau, Yutraffic has introduced a new model of Push Button for trial, aimed at enhancing safety for visually impaired individuals. This latest model incorporates Bluetooth and radar technology, providing an innovative touchless solution that aligns with current hygiene standards. By utilizing radar, the push button detects the presence of a person approaching a traffic light and automatically triggers the walk signal, ensuring a seamless and convenient pedestrian experience.

Customer Service

In Hong Kong, our competent maintenance teams are responsible for overseeing the upkeep of approximately 60% of the junctions. This extensive coverage ensures that these traffic junctions operate flawlessly, prioritizing efficiency and safety. By diligently maintaining and monitoring these junctions, we strive to create an optimal traffic management system that enhances mobility and ensures a smooth flow of vehicles throughout the city.

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